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How Brands Can Manage Their Instagram Followers Perfectly and Productively 

How Brands Can Manage Their Instagram Followers Perfectly and Productively 

For businesses wanting to boost brand awareness and build brand loyalty, a presence on Instagram that is unarguably the most happening social media platform is a must. The first key step to building an engaged and loyal community is to convert Instagram users to followers and then manage them. It can be an awesome feeling to increase your follower base, and it is important for you not to let up on the energy. As a business targeting fast and consistent growth, you will want to see a very high rate of follower acquisition and also want to manage them better so they become a part of a loyal community that will not only engage with you consistently but goes on to buy from you. Some pro tips on managing your Instagram followers:

Research Your Audience 

As important as community building, it is even more vital for you to know the profiles of the people you are getting together with. One of the most important tasks before you as an Instagram marketer is to research the demographics of your target audience, such as age, gender, location, income, education, relationship status, buying behavior, and more. Getting to know these details can help you understand the profile of the people following you on Instagram and what tactics you can engage in to target them in the marketing campaigns of the future. This kind of research can seem complicated, however, there are quite a few demographic analysis tools available that make the task easier. You can also scrutinize the demographics of the followers of influencers you may be trying to hire to see if there is a good fit between them and your brand. You need to appreciate that unless you know the profile of your followers, you will not be able to engage with them with meaningful and interesting content.

Investigate What Content Resonates with Your Followers

The purpose of researching the profile of your followers is to create and post content that they will find relevant and interesting. Depending on your industry and the profile of your followers, you could very well discover that videos go down with them better than photos, for example. It is vital to appreciate that no two Instagram audiences are identical, which is why you need to find out the preferences of your audience. Analyzing the content and its responses is usually among the best ways of discovering insights into what your followers like. Not only will you be able to gain valuable insights into the engagement level of your posts but also be able to craft a content strategy that is engaging and productive. Since you cannot please all your followers, you should aim to post content that resonates with the maximum number, according to Forbes. If you need to add momentum to your social media marketing, you can buy Instagram likes for nominal amounts from reputed Instagram marketing agencies. Focus on factoring in elements like whether it is a photo, video, or live streaming, whether the brand was mentioned, the length of the caption, the presence of a CTA, and name of the filter applied, the location tags, and the hashtags used. Not every post needs to have all these variables; however, by investigating the most successful content, you can get a better insight into what makes them tick.

Post High-Quality Content 

Even though Instagram is a photo-centric social media platform, you don’t need to post every photo you take. Ideally, you should shoot photos with care and according to a plan and take care to only post very high-quality photos that are relevant to the target audience as well as original and entertaining. Even though many brands had taken this to the extreme by engaging professional photographers to shoot photos and videos with studio-quality equipment, there is now a demand for photos and videos that are more realistic. Now it is considered perfectly okay to post photos that may not be picture-perfect but they should be of high quality. If you need to add momentum to your social media marketing, you can buy Instagram likes considering that Instagram has an engagement rate of 15x of Facebook and 20x of Twitter, it would be a pity not to be able to leverage that advantage simply because the quality of the photos is low. When you post high-quality content, you have a far better chance to impress Instagram users, make them your followers, and convert them to brand loyalists. It is also important to appreciate that high-quality does not necessarily mean only the quality of the visual; other elements like relevance, originality, and editing also count. Brands should ensure that all the posts have a visual consistency that ties them together to the brand and makes the posts distinctive for nominal amounts from reputed Instagram marketing agencies.

Create an Involved and Engaged Community on Instagram 

The successful management of your Instagram followers will allow the building of an invested and dedicated community. Building a dedicated community is more important than one can assume because it helps to generate powerful word-of-mouth recommendations that can lead to more people becoming your followers. According to Forbes, referrals carry a lot of trust, which is invaluable for marketers. When you have an engaged community on Instagram, it encourages other users to also become followers, and tag and share content. Content creation also has to be strategic to be able to foster engagement and interaction. Typically, content that encourages debates among users encourages sharing, and breaking industry news tends to perform well in the matter of community building. The key to effective community building is engaging Instagram users whenever possible. Actions as easy as asking followers to tag their friends, comment on a post, reply to a question, etc. can be effective building blocks for kickstarting the community development.


Growing your follower count is no easy task in the intensely competitive world of Instagram marketing. In addition to the suggested tactics, you should try out the new features that Instagram is continually launching because there is very likely to be an extra interest among users to experience them. Features like Instagram Live and Instagram Reels have heightened the interest among many users who appreciate content that is that rawer and more unedited. However, when you do post in these new channels, you must make sure that they fit in with your content strategy. You must also lay a lot of emphasis on making your posts visible so that you can attract the maximum number of followers that can then be engaged with for community building.

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