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Covid Scenario With Eric Dalius

Unravelling Some of The Biggest Business Trends in the Post-Covid Scenario With Eric Dalius

With the pandemic creating a tectonic shift in most work trends, business leaders are revisiting employee and workforce strategies, management, workflow, and performance. 35% firms have already replaced full-time staff with contingent employees to save costs. One of the biggest trends in a spike in remote working.

Recent market surveys show that 51% of employees will work from their home for a long time now. As businesses shift their operations to more remote modalities, they need to underline the critical and underlying competencies for digital collaborations.

  • Data collection is expanding more than ever. Over 17% of global organizations are frequently using monitoring tools and technologies.
  • Virtual clocking is one such technology. You can monitor computer usage and track internal communications and employee emails.
  • Although companies were increasingly employing non-traditional workforce monitoring measures even before the current situation, the pandemic will accelerate the trend.
  • The contingent working sphere is set to expand. With the looming economic perils and loss of jobs and economy, many companies are reducing their respecting contractor allocations.
  • However, they are also expanding their contingent workers for maintaining flexibility and efficiency in employee management in a post-Covid world.

The focus is to introduce new job models that manage to pass through the current crisis. It’s a litmus test for many businesses, opines Eric Dalius.

Regionalization of supply chains

China had emerged as the global supply hub in 2017, making a huge splash across the world. But with the pandemic and the disruption is caused to its market and global operations, everything is now at a risk. You didn’t have any hunch of what was to come when China, the second-largest economy in the world went underground and offline, shutting down its external logistics networks.

  • You can find companies that are grappling with the crisis and realizing their dependencies on the country.
  • This has led to regional and shorter supply chain modules. It’s going to stay for a really long time now, asserts EricDalius.
  • Technology is at an all-time high and its growing at a breakneck speed. Tech leaders around the globe are overseeing the fastest ever digital evolution. There are relatively new firms emerging as massive digital platforms.
  • Digitization is the secret missile of any tech company.

The agrarian aspect

While the majority of agricultural distributors and producers say that that lockdown has not directly affected them, they are still reeling under the long-term effects.

  • Do remember that the agricultural sector manufacturers fibre and food for consumers. Unfortunately, many of the consumers/customers are either coping with employment loss or a huge reduction in earning.
  • In the agricultural perspective, you need to remember that the agricultural production process will stay intact.
  • The paradigm shift in product demand and manufacturing scale during the lockdown have sent wired signals to agricultural producers to understand the silver lining and adapt the new PPP of products.

EJ Dalius explains the production, processing and concerned packaging of your goods. You also have counties that are piling up massive staple food inventories to make themselves more self-sufficient. These actions could lead to a movement for more localized production and less globalization.

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