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‘DeadEndia’ Season 1 – Release Date, Cast and Official Trailer |Netflix

DeadEndia is an upcoming animated fantasy horror comedy television series created by Hamish Steele, which is based on the graphic novels of the same name by Steele and Cartoon Hangover’s Too Cool! Cartoons web short Dead End.

DeadEndia Season 1 Release Date:

 The series is scheduled for a fall 2021 premiere on Netflix.

Official Trailer Season 1 DeadEndia:

DeadEndia Cast:

  • Barney (voiced by Zach Barack), a trans teenager who works at the haunted house.
  • Norma (voiced by Kody Kavitha), a neurodiverse character who works at the haunted house with Barney.
  • Pugsley (voiced by Alex Brightman), a magical dog which talks.
  • Courtney (voiced by Emily Osment), a thousand-year-old demon.
  • Pauline Phoenix (voiced by Clinton Leupp)
  • Logs (voiced by Kenny Tran)
  • Badyah (voiced by Kathreen Khavari)

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