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Gauahar Khan's father passes away; friend Preeti Simoes sends strength and love to the family

Gauahar Khan’s dad dies; companion Preeti Simoes sends strength and love to the family

Gauahar Khan’s dad Zafar Ahmed Khan has died. He had been keeping unwell. Of late, Gauahar had been sharing a few stories from the emergency clinic, requesting that her supporters petition God for her father.

Her companion Preeti Simoes shared the news via online media and recalled that him. Sharing a video where Gauahar wishes her dad and mom a 100 long years, she stated, “Simple Gauahar ke pappa…To the man I loved…Lived with pride … also, will be recalled proudly. Strength and Love to the family.”

Indeed, even a year ago, Gauahar’s dad had been conceded to a medical clinic for medical procedure.

It’s just two days prior that Gauahar had shared on her online media a photograph from her wedding with her father and expressed, “A dads kiss #Blessing Zafar Ahmed Khan, I love you soooooooooo much #MyPappaStrongest.”

A few from the business including Jay Bhanushali, Mahhi Vij and Sugandha Mishra sent her affection and requested that she stay solid.

Indeed, even her better half Zaid Darbar, who has been close by all through the troublesome time, had requested that fans petition God for his dad in-law daily prior. “If it’s not too much trouble, keep my dad in law in your Duaa’s. Allah give him the most awesome aspect wellbeing. Ameen! He’s the coolest man I know. Alhamdulillah,” he had shared.

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