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Priyanka Chopra spotted taking a stroll with Nick Jonas in London with her hand in his pocket. See pics

Priyanka Chopra spotted taking a stroll with Nick Jonas in London with her hand in his pocket. See pics

Priyanka Chopra, who is in London for shooting, is investing quality energy with spouse Nick Jonas since he flew down from the US to meet her.

Entertainer Priyanka Chopra is appreciating day by day strolls with vocalist spouse Nick Jonas since he showed up in London to be with her. On Tuesday, she was seen going for a walk on a London road, snatching an espresso with their companion Cavanaugh James.

Priyanka was found in a white sweater, dark tights and a denim coat. Scratch was found in a blue coat and dark jeans. As they went for a stroll together, Priyanka was seen heating up her hands inside Nick’s coat pocket.

In another bundle of pictures that surfaced on the web, Nick can be seen wearing a dark sweatshirt while Priyanka is wearing white T-shirt and white coat. Both wore dark denims and neither had their cover on, however Nick had his orange-shaded veil pulled underneath his jawline.

Both Nick and Priyanka were spotted with shopping packs in a single hand and holding each other’s hands with the other.

Recently, Priyanka shared photographs from her trip with the Jonas family. A family photograph showed Priyanka taking a selfie with Nick, Kevin and Denise and their companion, Cavanaugh James. The entertainer’s mom Dr Madhu Chopra is likewise in London and was found in the family pictures.

The Baywatch star likewise shared a photograph of a cream-hued sweater, sewn by her mom during her time in London. “My mom sewed this sweater for me while she’s been here in london. My family is my most noteworthy gift. So glad to be brought together,” she wrote in the subtitle.

Discussing how they intend to ensure that they continue to invest energy with one another, Priyanka had revealed to Elle magazine. “Any place we are on the planet, we fly to one another at any rate once per month a few days. It was our standard when we initially got hitched. Else we’d never see one another.”

Priyanka has been in London for quite a while and her mom has been with her. The entertainer is going for a film and needed to try and miss the her better half facilitating of Saturday Night Live when it happened as of late.

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