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9 Foods Not To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

9 Foods Not To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

In order not to have problems with weight, you need to eat balanced foods and exercise more. But if it seems to you that you are doing everything right, and the numbers on the scales are still increasing, you may be eating too many fatty foods. In this article, we will provide you with a list of food items that interfere with weight loss.

Foods That Hinder Weight Loss

Try to avoid eating the following food items in excess:

1.Potato Fries

If there is a product in the world that is better to abandon forever, then here it is! Potato fries are very high in saturated fats, Trans fats and may also contain harmful food additives and acrylamide.

These are formed during high-temperature processing of foods containing starch (potato). But the main thing is that fries are a high-calorie product (from 500 to 900 kcal per 100 grams). According to scientists, potato fries contribute to weight gain more than any other product.

2.Bread And Crackers

They are low in energy and, unfortunately, don’t make you feel full. This is why people eat more bread than they should because it doesn’t give them the feeling of satiety. Besides, it is common practice to eat white bread for breakfast and crackers as snacks.

But get rid of them when trying to lose weight. You can find several delicious and healthy food items that can facilitate weight loss.

3. Sweet Drinks

It’s nice to think about orange juice or cream and sugar in your third cup of coffee of the day, but they contribute to your overall calorie intake. For example, people consume an average of 480 kcal per day, and this is a lot! This is only due to sugary drinks.

 Sugar is present even in those foods and drinks that you used to consider useful, such as smoothies. If you buy a packaged drink, read the ingredients first. If you order from a cafe, ask the barista to add a little less sweet syrup to your latte, or skip high-calorie sweeteners altogether.

4.Cornflakes In Large Boxes

Did you know that the size of the package affects how much you eat? According to the research, people eat more if they have to pour cereal from large packages.

The size of the plate, by the way, has a similar effect. Buy smaller boxes and use small plates to prevent overeating. Even if you eat healthy food in excess, it will lead to the development of fats in the body.


Alcohol and sugary cocktails, in particular, are high in calories. They can also lead to overeating. By consuming a high-calorie drink, you also get more calories from food. Another argument in favor of giving up alcohol!

If you cannot do it yourself, there are many hospital-based alcohol detox programs you can join. Without taking this step, you will not be able to get the ideal figure you are dreaming of.

6.Energy Bars

The bars are designed to help you quickly replenish energy stores, for example, before a workout. As a rule, bars contain a lot of calories. So if you are losing weight, you do not need to consume several at once.

Besides, not all bars are healthy. First, know which of them contain too much sugar. Choose the ones which are composed of dried fruits and no added sugar.

7.Salad Dressing

Salad is perhaps the main dish for those looking to lose weight. But as soon as you season it with sauce, it turns into a high-calorie dish. The worst sauces for your figure are ranch, honey, mustard, and, of course, mayonnaise.

Fortunately, you can always prepare a tasty and healthy dressing at home. When in doubt, add olive oil and lemon juice to your salad.

8.Fast Food

Fast food is high in sodium, sugar, Trans fats, and calories, leading to health problems and obesity. Therefore, when you plan to lose the extra pounds, stay away from fast food. Such food is not safe to eat and can make you fat.

9.White Rice

Scientists have different opinions about white rice. Some studies link its use to weight gain and obesity, while others do not. But it is known for sure that white rice is not as nutritious as, for example, brown rice.

White rice is low in protein and fiber, which is why there is a high risk of eating more than you need to without feeling full. Substitute brown rice or cauliflower for white rice.

10.Diet Drinks

Although they have no calories, scientists linked the use of soda and sweeteners, which are found in such drinks, with weight gain, obesity, and even an increase in mortality. Plus, according to research, those who choose diet and weight loss drinks often make up for their calorie deficiencies with unhealthy foods. Replace diet drinks with plain water or low-sugar juice.

Basic Rules For Those Looking To Lose Weight

Nutrition plays a crucial role in losing weight. Nevertheless, no diet will bring the desired result if you do not follow these principles:

  • Determine how much you should lose and for how long you need to work with your doctor, dietitian, and trainer. A team of specialists will be able to choose a nutritional and training plan for you that will lead to your goal.
  • During the day, you need to move more and spend more calories than you consume.
  • No need to try to speed up the process of losing weight; it takes time and consistency. It can take months or even years to achieve the goal. Keep this in mind, and remember to record your progress from time to time.

Take Away

Losing weight require hard work and consistency. Without following a proper plan, you won’t be able to lose weight, especially when you continue eating unhealthy food items. Thus, get rid of the foods mentioned earlier in this article so you can achieve the results you have been longing for.

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