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Commercial Sneeze Guards For Desks Are Easy To Install By Following Simple Steps

Commercial Sneeze Guards For Desks Are Easy To Install By Following Simple Steps

Globally, COVID 19 is taking a big toll on people’s lives. It is affecting businesses as well as more and more employees are getting sick with every passing day. For conducting the safe operation and productive results, companies have to take proven measures to protect their employees. That’s when the sneeze guards for desks came into the scene.

During the unprecedented times, businesses had to face a lot of challenges for implementing solutions to ensure the health of customers and even their employees. So, most of the local businesses, along with their facility maintenance partners, have started installing these sneeze guards in some strategic areas. The main goal is to create a barrier between employees and customers to protect them both. Once you have made up your mind to get sneeze guards for office spaces, now is the question related to its installation.

Get the individual pieces first:

There are two ways in which you can install sneeze guards. You can use either jam to place it on the desk with some screws and other nails, or you can just hang it from the ceiling, whichever seems to be a convenient option for you.

  • The hanging method is as simple as hanging any curtain. The issue is with the weight of the Plexiglas materials of the sneeze guards. As these materials are heavier, so you need to have all the necessary items near hand to help you with the installation.
  • You can place these sneeze guards anywhere around the store. Some of the common spots where you can see the use of these Plexiglas guards are drive-through windows, customer service desks, check-out counters, restaurants, and warehouse or distribution centers, and even in some office spaces.
  • If you don’t want to damage your desks by permanently nailing down the barriers on them, then hanging seems to be the most promising option to go for. So, if you don’t feel the need for it, you can just remove it from the top and can keep your desk unharmed.

Why choose Plexiglas among all the other options:

Nowadays, manufacturing units are experimenting with multiple materials for making sneeze guards. However, among all the possible options, Plexiglas has its own fan base and for some good reasons. While all the other acrylic options are manufactured in one out of two ways, the Plexiglas is mostly cell cast. So, that provides an extra level of strength and also the ability to cut without cracking the main sheet. There won’t be any impurities in the material, which is what you need these days with your sneeze guards.

Work with the experts:

If making a choice among the different sneeze guards seems to be a difficult call for you, make sure to target experts for their help. Ask them for their advice, and they might help you make the right selection. Not just manufacturing sneeze guards for you, but they will employ people to help you with the installation process too. So, whether hanging from the ceiling or placing it on the desk, get installation help from the professionals as well.

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