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Apollo 14 space traveler Edgar Mitchell furtively led clairvoyant tests subsequent to strolling on the moon

Apollo 14 space traveler Edgar Mitchell furtively led clairvoyant tests subsequent to strolling on the moon

With a large part of the country’s consideration on NASA with the new wanderer arriving on Mars, this month likewise denotes another achievement. It was 50 years back this month that NASA dispatched and restored the three man team on board Apollo 14.

Space travelers Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell turned into the fifth and sixth people to stroll on the moon. Space traveler Stuart Roosa was the Command Module Pilot and remained in circle around the moon while Mitchell and Shepard investigated the moon’s surface.

However, Mitchell accomplished something other than investigate the moon’s surface, he utilized his return flight home to direct a mysterious test into clairvoyant marvels.

Edgar Mitchell had initially been scheduled to be on the disastrous Apollo 13 mission to the moon however the groups were exchanged.

After Apollo 14 landed securely on the moon, he and Alan Shepard went through nine hours outside of the Lunar Exploration Module (LEM) investigating the lunar surface.

Mitchell was a splendid researcher and a challenging aircraft tester. He was brought into the world close to Roswell, New Mexico, a town well known for a supposed UFO crash, a subject which turned into a focal interest for Mitchell sometime down the road.

He likewise considered clairvoyant wonders and directed a mystic test during the return departure from the moon to earth.

In a meeting with George Knapp, Mitchell said the proof for mystic capacities is strong and logical. “The clairvoyant experience religion has said Western religion I’m alluding to here, obviously, has said it’s genuine, yet it’s either sinister or divine, it’s powerful. Also, researchers said it doesn’t exist. Actually it does exist and it is normal.”

Mitchell had enlisted four individuals who were on earth during his flight. During the return flight, Mitchell utilized 25 numbered cards in the analysis, in which he endeavored to send an idea message to the four people with respect to what the image on each card was. He said two of the four got 51 of the 200 right, and the other two were less effective.

He clarified his trial this route in 2001 during a meeting, My analysis included four transmission meetings during rest periods modified into the flight. The notable analysis in the lab was to utilize cards with the five Zener images, yet the genuine cards aren’t significant. It was simpler for me to utilize irregular number tables than convey the actual cards. All things being equal, everything I did was to create four tables of 25 arbitrary numbers simply utilizing the numbers 1 to 5. At that point I arbitrarily allocated a Zener image to each number. For every transmission, I would then check the specific table of irregular numbers and consider the relating image for 15 seconds. Every transmission required around 6 minutes. I did this when I was all set to rest around evening time. We had camping cot loungers that we would put under the

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