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Google Ads Audit Checklist

6 Google Ads Audit Checklist

Keeping the present importance of Google Ads importance in mind, another thing that one must take care of is Google Ads audit. It is crucial to be done after every few months as it makes you determine the efficiency of your ads along with the problems.

This article will let you know the important Google Ads Audit Checklist that helps you throughout the procedure. Apart from reviewing your goals and making changes as per them, certain things need to be done. They are:

Review Account Structure:

After you get done with undergoing your goals, the later important step is reviewing your account structure. There are several ways to get your account sorted, such as by services or product line, for example. But you also got to make sure that your organization or reorganization ultimately aligns everything with your goals. An optimal account structure for your Google ad services can help you to reduce your management time. Not only that, but it also makes navigating easier while revisiting the account for finding information. Another thing that one must remember is categorizing similar topics altogether. That way, the balancing and reporting task gets easier.

Account and Campaign Settings:

Once you are done with reviewing your account structure, then comes managing account and campaign settings. This sector includes factors like device and location targeting. Suppose your company serves a particular geographical area; your job is to set up targeting for that particular area. And it is to stop ads from getting served in those particular areas where they can’t convert. Also, if somebody is planning to expand their business, location targeting is the magic lamp that would help them to reach their goal. Bid strategies are another way required to get considered at the campaign level.

Ad Groups:

The next move that you got to head towards is the ad groups. As a basic rule, just think of ad groups as a group of ads without considering them as keywords. Every ad group must consist of keywords that accompany each other. Also, it must contain written ads that encompass the service or product. The quality score also plays a huge role in the ad group level. The metrics of quality score involve ad copy relevance, landing page experience, and expected click-through rate. All these aspects need to be considered while auditing ad groups.


This element of the Google Ads Audit might get confusing sometimes. Remember to evaluate every ad group’s set of keywords as per your company’s goal. There are both negative keywords and search queries. Thus, take enough time before choosing what goes best for you. Next, review the queries of people that they generally search to include your ads in their results. It is also a good idea to add things like negative keywords, such that your ads don’t go up for irrelevant searches.

Ad Copy:

After getting done with reviewing keywords, it is time to shift onto ad copy. For that, test various versions of ads so that you can make your performance better than ever. Another effective tip is to ensure if different types of keywords got added so that people get a clear idea about your service or product. Also, it can boost your ad rank and quality scores. Finally, don’t forget to inculcate strong calls of action in the headline. This will attract more people and convince them to click on your website.

Landing Pages:

The final element of the Google Ads Audit Checklist is to take a look at the landing pages or your ads. Make sure there is no unclear headline or lack of strong calls. Albeit these pages are external to Google Ads technically, they undoubtedly leave a direct impact on the performance. Also, remember your targeted keywords get incorporated into the copy as this will also lead to boosting your ad’s quality score.


Compile your notes and start prioritizing sectors for optimization after you perform these steps. Thus, these six steps will not only help you to reach heights but will help you understand every detail and explain every piece of information.

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