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Biden to affirm “special relationship’ at G7 meeting with Johnson

Biden to affirm “special relationship’ at G7 meeting with Johnson

Joe Biden has issued a statement promised to confirm “special relationships” with England when he met Boris Johnson at the top of the G7 this week in England and discussed things including deadlocks in Northern Ireland.

In an article for The Washington Post was published on Sunday before his first foreign trip as president, Biden wrote: “In the UK, after meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson to assert a special relationship between our countries, I will participate in the G7 I will participate in the G7, I will participate in the top.

“This leading democratic and economic group has not been fully fulfilled in two years because Koronavirus. Ending this pandemic, improving health security for all nations and encouraging a strong and inclusive global economic recovery will be our top priority.”

Biden added that he would use his time as long as the Summit to realize “new American commitment to allies and our partners”, and “world democracy rally” to the most significant threats to the world, including changes in pandemic and climate.

The US President also reportedly expected to speak to Johnson about disagreement on the Brexit agreement, expressing support for the Northern Ireland protocol, which has fulfilled the fierce opposition of the union and loyalists who said it separated the British region from England.

Time reported that Biden is expected to notify Johnson that the US sees the protocol as an important part of maintaining long-term peace in Northern Ireland and, in particular, a good Friday agreement, where the US is guarantor.

The paper quoted a source that Biden is expected to warn the prime minister that the potential of trade between the United States and the UK will be damaged if the situation is not resolved, while also telling leaders in Brussels that he expects the EU to be more “flexible” and less “bureaucratic”.

Biden, who was an Irish descendant, reaffirmed his support for a good Friday agreement in March after the tension of the protocol caused riot of violence. The protocol was originally established to prevent difficult land borders in Ireland by effectively maintaining Northern Ireland in a single market.

Biden and his wife, Jill, will meet the Queen at the Windsor Castle on Sunday, June 13, Buckingham Palace announced earlier, to coincide with the end of the G7 Summit.

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