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Instagram Story Hacks All Should Know Right Away

The Instagram feed is not quite the only way to engage an audience and stand out among the crowd. Right from the time this “story” feature was launched in 2016, Instagram Stories have grown a lot, with over 500 million active users daily. It means, around half of the entire user base of Instagram will create or view stories every day. You now have the potential to connect with the Instagram audience in two separate places on the app. There is no need for you to waste that opportunity with some dull visuals or stories.

If you want to captivate the audience with the power of Instagram Stories, then there are some design tips to follow for creating premium visuals that followers will go back to check more and more again.

Always start with a storyboard:

There are so many ways in which you can use the power of Instagram stories. Right from promoting new blog posts to sharing some features, Stories will be one clear-cut winner while trying to engage with the audience without having to make it as polished as the feed. If you want, you can take live video, some BTS footage, and iPhone photography as well, without worrying if that matches the rest of your Instagram content.

But, in terms of the graphics related to the Instagram story, you have to be sure that you are outing visually appealing designs together. It will make the audience want to just tune in. to start it off; you might want to use the power of the storyboard to plan out the story, even before you plan on the design.

In case you are trying to promote any recent blog post, then build a storyboard around multiple key tips or points, which will entice viewers to just click through. You might even try to put a storyboard together that will showcase how you are likely to use the service or product. There are multiple possibilities waiting for you to try, and having a perfect plan right in place will help in making the entire design process a lot easier than it is.

Focus on staying in lines:

The Instagram stories have some major lines and parameters, which you have to stick to for getting proper results. The bottom and the top portions of the story graphics will be covered with the username and ways in which you are planning to interact with the story. There is no need for you to add some extra pertinent information of any kind of design element in those sources.

  • Instagram will always warn you if you are likely to move elements too far down or up on the screen. But it is vital to be sure that anything you design outside the app must also stay within the given grid.
  • Even though the Instagram stories have the dimensions of 1080 x 1920 pixels, Instagram will help you to keep all the major design elements between the centers of 1080 pixels x 1420 pixels. It means you get to leave around 250 pixels at the bottom and top.

You might have to take the help of experts to guide you through the entire Instagram story hack. Just like you are always sure of the sources from where you want to buy IG likes, be sure of the experts from whom you are planning to get an idea covered. The more you research, the better points will be coming your way as well.

The colors and fonts for the Instagram stories to watch out for:

Always try to create everything that you have created specified to your brand. And the same rule is applicable for Instagram Stories. It means you get the chance to have a branded kit ready to work with the color hex codes, logo, and fonts.

Adding up the brand colors and specified fonts will help in proper brand recognition whenever the followers are just scrolling through stories. They are going to see some of the major graphics and will know automatically that it belongs to your firm, even without checking out your username.

Always go for a story-centric guide as one of the major hacks:

While you might want to utilize completely produced graphics and some of the short video clips for Stories, Instagram will present you with multiple design elements that you can use for embellishing the content.

  • So, you can try focusing on a style guide, which remains specified to the right font filters, choices, GIF, and more. Your company must be able to utilize the same from Instagram stories and continue to remain branded.
  • You have the right to create a style guide using multiple formats. The main goal is to keep in handy anytime someone on the team is sharing after creating the Instagram stories.
  • As you are likely to come across some of the major design preferences, having a proper story-centric guide will help in improving brand recognition to another level.

Deal with the photography of it all:

The IG Stories will not have to get entire custom graphic designs. It is always going to be a great idea to just switch it up and then adding photography now and then. The best thing about Instagram stories is that not everything you will publish must be of premium quality. In its place, you can simply use your smartphone and take some BTS photography within the app only.

On the other hand, you have free stock photos in millions to choose from. All you have to do is select the relevant photo for the brand and the content you are currently sharing. And you are off to a great start!

Get help from influencers:

Instagram influencers have mastered the art of Instagram stories already, and you can see them posting at least once daily. So, check out their stories to get an idea, and finally, you can opt for the best story hacks for your own use. Research and better interaction with stories will help you big time.

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